Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Green Beans

If you've been planning to have a passionate love affair with vegetables to get you through this winter, right now is a great time to begin the seduction.

Being a vegetable lover is kind of like being Bella Swan. Everybody else snubs the vegetables (read: the vamps), but you're drawn to them, especially that one that's likeohmygod so pretty and sparkly. (Fine, my metaphor has holes. I don't know of any vegetables that actually sparkle in the sunlight.) You don't know what it is, but those vegetables make you feel funny. They make you feel good. You decide you can't possibly bear another day without them. In fact, you'll go into a deep depression if they leave you. So, yeah, you decide that vegetables are the center of your universe and you'll orbit around them for the rest of your days. Plus, now that you've declared your love for veggies, you're totally going to live for, like, ever. And you convert all your friends and family to your vegetable-loving ways. The end.

Anyway, sorry, I got a little carried away there with my love for, ahem, vegetables. My point is this: they're good. I don't know why people are always snubbing them. Probably because folks don't know how to cook them. They don't know the miraculous sweetness brought out in roasted cauliflower, or the delicate crunch of a broccoli stalk. Today is a great day to get to know the sweetness of vegetables. Here are some of our favorite vegetable recipes, as well as some we've been meaning to try for quite a while. Even if vegetables don't sparkle in the sunshine, they can be pretty darned gorgeous.

Eggplant Slices with Pomegranate, Yogurt and Tahini
Garden Peas and Paneer in Chili-Tomato Sauce
Good-for-What-Ails-Ya' Beet Slaw
Fresh Pea Salad
Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts

How's the week of Sugar Freedom going for you so far? Thoughts? Comments? And what's your favorite way to sink your pointy teeth into veggies?


Green Beans 2

*For more tongue-in-cheek Twilight fun, see Yes, I Read It. It's Still Stupid. It's made me LOL more times than I can count.


  1. Day two is under my belt, and I have succesfully steered clear of artificial sweetners, refined sugar and white flour, even though a Birthday Dinner for Steve, at the "Keg", rounded out the day.
    I think RAW veggies are the greatest. There has never, in my mind anyway, been an equal to the sweet taste and snap of a freshly pulled carrot from my grandmother's garden with just the right amount of dirt still clinging to the root.

  2. Mmmm, I remember vegetables! Sorry for the haitus. I've been sick in bed and haven't eaten much of anything for the past couple of days. I did have a very fine bowl of peas and cultured butter for dinner though. Thanks for the inspiring words, Kylie K!

  3. Day three: Today I discovered that all of the vending machines in the break room at work have voices. Voices that seem to call:"Pssst, Hey Buddy, got some extra change?" Pretty scary! Not as scary as "apples on the garage floor" though!



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